Bosman Batubara

PhD fellow


Managing Floods in Jakarta: Urbanizing People, Water, and City

Research Summary

"UNEVEN DEVELOPMENT": Politicizing flood events and urbanizing infrastructural interventions in (post-) New Order Jakarta, Indonesia

There are two basic problems in the way in which floods in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, are understood. The first one is that researchers do not explicitly relate floods to wider (post-)  New Order state-led development processes, a  distinct depoliticization in that it conceals how  the  occurrence  of  floods  is  partly  the  result  of,  and  in  turn  helps  create  a  particular trajectory  of  capitalist  growth.  The second problem is that ongoing interventions in managing floods risk reproducing the unevenness both within and outside the city of Jakarta. They reproduce the unevenness through processes of flowing/retaining/taming water, transforming land and moving people.  Therefore,  I  propose to interrogate  and  open  up  for  debate  the  relation  between  flood events  and  interventions  and  uneven  urban  development – the  promotion  of  particular  capitalist  vision  in  Jakarta  under  the  New  Order/post-New  Order  (1965-now)  regime,  Indonesia. My central research question is: How are flood  events  and  interventions  related  to  uneven  urban  development  of  (post-)  New  Order Jakarta (1965-now)?

Supervisory committee:

Promotor: Margreet Zwarteveen
Co-supervisor: Michelle Kooy
Committee member: dr. ir. Y.P.B. (Yves) van Leynseele  




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