Catherine Cotton

Corporate Communications Advisor
Project Officer


Dr Cath Cotton is currently acting as corporate communications advisor at IHE Delft. Having trained, first in plant and molecular sciences, and, later, science communication, she has spent almost 30 years in the business of creating knowledge and putting it to work. Always drawn to disciplinary and sectoral boundaries, Cath left academia (UK Universities of Leeds, Liverpool and Roehampton) intent on turning knowledge into positive change. She's since worked in environmental campaigning (Greenpeace International), academic publishing (Springer, BioMedCentral), and with scholarly societies (FEMS). She's provided science communications for governmental and non-governmental organizations including Greenpeace, FERN, the European Commission, the UK Environment Agency and WWF, along with commissioned content for clients such as the BBC and Times Higher Education.

Her professional experience includes delivering:

- research across plant biology and public engagement

- high-profile, global environmental campaigns

- the development and promotion of scientific books and journals

- prominent scientific events

- knowledge networks that channel cutting-edge science to impact 

Research Summary

Cath’s research experience has been eclectic, ranging from plant chemistry and biotechnology to ethnoecology and public engagement. As a publisher and communications professional her focus has been on channelling new knowledge to impact through environmental campaigning, academic publishing, building networks and understanding knowledge flows.


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