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Insights on strategic delta planning in Bangladesh, Vietnam and the Netherlands

Written by Chris Seijger , on 12 May 2017

Strategic delta planning is a planning approach to come to more sustainable deltas. During such a planning process a vision is developed – the...

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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Mapping Nile controversies: the role of media in water conflicts

Written by Emma Meurs and 1 other , on 7 February 2017

Water wars have been announced by media and policy analysts over the last twenty years and the Nile has always been one of the rivers spotted as ...

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Bogotá, Colombia

Playing our part in the Magdalena river basin in Colombia

Written by Joanne Craven , on 21 December 2015

What if a certain part of the basin was used to generate more energy? How would that affect the quality and quantity of the water aquatic...

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The goal of the DUPC2 programme, is to provide tangible contributions in solving water and development challenges worldwide, by equipping people and organisations through sustained and strengthened partnerships in southern and transition countries. 

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