DUPC2: IHE Delft Partnership Programme for Water and Development

Working with partners in the global South is a key approach for IHE Delft to help solve water and development challenges. We believe that bringing together knowledge and experience from different perspectives will help find local solutions and strengthen capacities. DUPC2 supports a large number of partnership activities on education and training and research and innovation. The programme also aims to create synergies and further collaboration between activities and partners. 

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Finding the right balance: sustainable growth in SIDS

Written by Kimberly Wakkary , on 9 July 2019

Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are located in the most vulnerable regions of the world and frequently experience natural disasters. Such...

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Online Training Course for Partners

23 May 2019

IHE Delft offers high-quality online courses in an increasing number of topics of interest in the water sector. The innovative delivery format...

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Middle East and North Africa

Snapshots of the Middle East

Written by Kimberly Wakkary , on 12 April 2019

The Middle East is a region that generally experiences a hot and arid climate. While the region depends on several water sources for its population...

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About DUPC2

The goal of DUPC2 is to provide tangible contributions to solving water and development challenges in the global South, by equipping and empowering people and organisations in partnership with partners from these countries. 

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