DUPC2: Global Partnership for Water and Development

Working in partnership on education and training, research and capacity development is a key approach of IHE Delft. This approach has considerably increased the Institute’s and its partners’ impact at the global and local levels, and has been strongly supported by the DGIS IHE Delft Programmatic Cooperation (DUPC). In January 2016 this cooperation entered its second phase. The goal of the DUPC2 programme, is to provide tangible contributions in solving water and development challenges worldwide, by equipping people and organisations through sustained and strengthened partnerships in southern and transition countries.

Demonstrating impact

In this new phase of the partnership programme we want to demonstrate more tangible impacts on the ground. Sustained and strengthened partnerships, engaging in new partnerships including civil society, NGO's, private sector and government, supporting innovation, attention to cohesion and synergy between project activities, and strong communication to various audiences, are some of the strategies through which we want to accomplish this. 

Programme components

DUPC2's goal is facilitated by four inter-related programme components:

  • Education and Training
  • Research and Innovation
  • Knowledge sharing and Networks
  • Management and Learning

Collectively, the activities within these components, work towards improving sustainable partnerships with and between developing and transition country institutions. All activities under DUPC2 will be recognizable by the IHE Delft Global Partnership logo, which will be displayed on all the programme's outputs. 

Focus themes and countries

DUPC2 focuses on the following themes:

  • Efficient water management, particularly in the agricultural sector
  • Improved catchment area management and safe deltas
  • Access to clean drinking water and basic sanitation
  • Water diplomacy

Cross-cutting themes

  • Water scarcity and water related problems related to the refugee crisis in the Middle East
  • Water governance
  • Gender/inclusiveness
  • Climate change

Please find more information on each theme here.

Focus countries

Activities are open to selected countries and regions. Download here the list.

Selected Proposals

Selected Proposals for ‘Integrated Research for Development’ Call

Selected Proposals for ‘Outreach Products from Research’ Call

Selected Proposals for Education and Training Call

Selected Proposals South-South Call

Call information

There is no call at the moment.

DUPC Committee members

  • Wim Douven, overall coordinator of the programme, IHE Delft  
  • Carolien Jaspers, Liaison Officer EU Relations, IHE Delft
  • Carlos M. Madera, Associate Professor Sanitary Engineering, Universidad del Valle, Colombia
  • Chris Zevenbergen, Professor of Flood Resilience of Urban Systems, IHE Delft
  • Jean-Marie Kileshye Onema, WaterNet manager, Southern Africa
  • Jeltsje Kemerink-Seyoum, Senior Lecturer and Researcher in Water Governance, IHE Delft
  • Martin Mulenga, Senior Lecturer in Sanitation/ Sanitary Engineering, IHE Delft
  • Naser Almanaseer, Department of Civil Engineering - Water Resources, Al-Balqa' Applied University, Jordan
  • Pham Hong Nga, Head of International Cooperation Office/Lecturer, Thuyloi University (former HWRU), Vietnam

DUPC2 Programme Staff

Contact us

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