Giuliano Di Baldassarre PhD

Adjunct Professor


Giuliano Di Baldassarre was born in 1978 in L'Aquila, Italy. In 2002, he received the MSc in Environmental Engineering (summa cum laude; 100/100 with distinction), emphasized Water Resources Management, from the University of Bologna.

In 2006, he took the PhD in Hydraulic Engineering, emphasized Hydrology, from the Milano University of Technology. Then, he worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher at the School of Geographical Sciences of the University of Bristol. In May 2009 he moved to Delft and joined IHE Delft. In March 2014 Prof. Di Baldassarre moved to Sweden where he joined the Uppsala University as Professor of Hydrology.


Prof. Di Baldassarre has a zero-appointment as Adjunct Professor at IHE Delft. His teaching and research interests include:

  • Flood inundation modelling and remote sensing data
  • Socio-hydrology of dynamic human-water systems
  • Flood risk management under uncertainty
  • Global change impacts on water resources



Di Baldassarre, G., and G. Schumann (2011). Recent advances in mapping and modelling flood processes in lowland areas. Special Issue of Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, Exeter, UK, Elsevier, 113 pages.

Di Baldassarre, G., and S. Uhlenbrook (2012). Is the current flood of data enough? A treatise on research needs to improve flood modelling. Hydrological Processes, 26(1), 153-158, doi: 10.1002/hyp.8226.

Papers published on peer-reviewed journals

Di Baldassarre, G., et al. (2018). An Integrative Research Framework to Unravel the Interplay of Natural Hazards and Vulnerabilities, Earth’s Future,

Ferdous, M. R., Wesselink, A., Brandimarte, L., Slager, K., Zwarteveen, M., and Di Baldassarre, G. (2018). Socio-hydrological spaces in the Jamuna River floodplain in Bangladesh, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci. Discuss.,

Alfonso, L., Mukolwe, M., and G. Di Baldassarre (2016). Probabilistic flood maps to support decision making: mapping the value of information. Water Resources Research, doi: 10.1102/2015WR017378.

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Mukolwe, M., K. Yan, G. Di Baldassarre, D.P. Solomatine (2015). Testing new sources of topographic data for flood propagation modelling under structural, parameter and observation uncertainty, Hydrological Sciences Journal, doi:10.1080/02626667.2015.1019507.

Di Baldassarre, G., Kemerink, J.S., Kooy, M., Brandimarte, L. (2014). Floods and societies: the spatial distribution of water-related disaster risk and its dynamics. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water, 1(2), 133-139.

Ridolfi, E., Alfonso, L., Di Baldassarre, G., Dottori, F., Russo, F., Napolitano, F. (2014). An entropy approach for the optimization of cross-section spacing for river modelling. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 59 (1), 126-137.

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Elshamy, M., Di Baldassarre, G., van Griesnsven, A. (2012). Characterizing climate model uncertainty using an informal Bayesian framework: An Application to the River Nile. Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, doi: 10.1061/(ASCE)HE.1943-5584.0000656.

Brandimarte, L., Paron P., and G. Di Baldassarre (2012). Bridge pier scour: a review of processes, measurements and estimates. Environmental Engineering and Management Journal, 5, 975-989.

D. Rosbjerg, G. Bloschl, D. Burn, A. Castellarin, B. Croke, G. Di Baldassarre, V. Iacobellis, T. Kjeldsen, G. Kuczera, R. Merz, A. Montanari, T. Ouarda, L. Ren, M. Rogger, J. Salinas, E. Toth, A. Viglione (2012). Prediction of floods in ungauged basins. In Run-off Prediction in Ungauged Basins: A Synthesis, edited by G. Bloschl, M. Sivapalan, H. Savenije and T. Wagener. Cambridge University Press.

Book Chapters

Schumann, G., D. Mason, G. Di Baldassarre, P.D. Bates (2012). The use of radar imagery in riverine flood inundation studies. In Concepts, Methods, and Techniques in Fluvial Geomorphology: Tools for river management and restoration, edited by P.E. Carbonneau and H. Piegay. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. 115-140.

Di Baldassarre, G., M. Elshamy, A. van Griensven, E. Soliman, M. Kigobe, P. Ndomba, J. Mutemi, F. Mutua, S. Moges, Y. Xuan, D. Solomatine, S. Uhlenbrook, (2011). A Critical Discussion of Recent Studies Evaluating the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Resources in the Nile basin. Nile Water Science & Engineering Journal, Vol.4, Issue 2, 94-100.

Other Publications (including articles in popular science journals)

Di Baldassarre, G., G. Schumann (2011). Recent advances in mapping and modelling flood processes in lowland areas (Preface to the Special Issue). Physics and Chemistry of the Earth, 36, 7-8, 221-222.

Other information


2012 Hydrologic Sciences Early Career Award, by American Geophysical Union (AGU)
2012 Division Outstanding Young Scientist Award, by European Geosciences Union (EGU)
2010 Torricelli Award, among the best 5 young scientists in Water Sciences, by Italian Hydraulic Group (GII)
2006 Young Scientist’s Outstanding Poster Presentation Award, by EGU
2005 Young Scientist's Travel Award for Europeans, by EGU
2003 Rotary Award as the best graduate student at the Faculty of Engineering of The University of Bologna 


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