Addressing water-related conflict: Groundbreaking Water, Peace and Security tool launches in Geneva

The Water, Peace and Security partnership launches its Global Early Warning tool in Geneva - the City of Peace - today. The tool applies machine learning to predict possible water-related conflict up to a year in advance. The WPS project, led by IHE Delft's Susanne Schmeier, promotes dialogue and learning processes where conflicts are likely, to create inclusive, conflict-sensitive interventions.

Water insecurity is increasing worldwide, due to growing economic demands for water, population growth and rapid urbanisation, exacerbated by ecosystem losses and climate change impacts. In fragile areas, these multipe interacting factors can lead to human insecurities or even contribute to escalation of conflicts. Heightened understanding of the interplay of water-related factors in conflict situations, new technologies and innovative approaches are needed to help mitigate growing water insecurity. The WPS partnership's Global Early Warning Tool is one example of the kinds of innovative approaches we need. 

Today's launch brings together key actors from the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the World Meteorological Organization, the International Committee of Red Cross and the Water, Peace and Security partners to consider routes to preventing water-related conflict. 


The Water, Peace and Security partnership

The WPS partnership was set up in 2018 to pioneer the development of innovative information tools and practical approaches that can support local and international actors who work in high-risk areas. These tools and approaches can help predict and prevent water-related security threats in a timely manner. The WPS partnership includes an expanding group of organizations supported by The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current partners include: IHE Delft, World Resources Institute, Deltares, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, Wetlands International and International Alert. In addition, the consortium collaborates with a growing number of other organizations, including: Oregon State University, Pacific Institute and New America.

Read more at the WPS partnership press release, website and blogs by project lead, Susanne Schmeier, and WRI's Charles Iceland.


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