Delft, The Netherlands, 15 Feb 2018

Fatima Azhar won first prize for best poster NCR Days 2018

On Friday 9 February, MSc student Fatima Azhar, who is studying Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development, won the first prize for best poster at the NCR Days 2018. The Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR) is the leading cooperative alliance between all major Dutch institutes for river studies. NCR integrates knowledge, facilitates discussion and promotes excellent science.

At the competition there were in total 28 posters from many Dutch Universities and Institutes. Fatima won the first prize for the best poster. The poster describes: Morphodynamic Changes around a Bridge Pier.

Research questions were:
• What are morphological developments caused by a bridge pier?
• What are the effects of variable discharge on the formation of these morphological developments?
• What is the effect of channel width-to-depth ratio on these developments?
• What mitigation measures can be taken to control them?

Download her poster here. If you want to know more about Fatima Azhar, read her story here.


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