Delft, The Netherlands, 19 Dec 2017

Foundations for research on the dynamics of water innovation

The Special Volume of the Journal of Cleaner Production which will come out on 10 January 2018, focuses on the dynamics of water innovation. The guest editors of this edition, Uta Wehn (IHE Delft) and Carlos Montalvo (TNO), argue that there is a striking absence of academic studies on the dynamics of water innovation.

Together with other contributors to the special volume, Dr. Wehn and Dr. Montalvo capture the current understanding of the dynamics of water innovation, provide insights into how the water innovation process can be fostered and how research into the dynamics of water innovation can be framed. 

The Special Volume consists of 15 papers and an editorial. Two of these papers were submitted by IHE Delft staff Mireia Tutusaus, Klaas Schwartz and Uta Wehn

Find all papers here

Download the editorial here

Taxonomy of Innovation Studies

Based on several decades of innovation research and drawing on three areas (management, strategy and policy), the guest editors provide an innovation studies taxonomy that consists of four organising dimensions: type of innovation, stage of innovation, level of analysis and measurement. This taxonomy enables researchers to study the dynamics of water innovation from different combinations of conceptual and thematic angles, drawing on the field of innovation studies in a systematic fashion.

Download the taxonomy here 


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