Delft, the Netherlands, 30 Apr 2020

Go ahead for academic year starting in October 2020

IHE Delft is pleased to announce that the new academic year, starting 15 October 2020, will take place as planned.

Depending on the future situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19), the Institute may start the Delft based MSc programmes with online modules, with the anticipation that all courses will resume in a face-to-face mode from the beginning of 2021. 

IHE Delft made the provisional transition to online MSc education in March and is currently preparing an online version of the first modules for the new student batch 2020-2022, in the event that this method of teaching is required. We are currently exploring with joint programme partner institutes if a similar approach is feasible for our Joint MSc Programmes.

European Joint Master Degree programmes

IHE Delft is involved in three European Joint Master Degree programmes (IMETE, GroundWatCh and FloodRiskMaster). These programmes will also go ahead and start in September as planned.

We encourage all students intending to pursue their Master programme at IHE Delft to keep to their plan, as we know that the experience will be well worthwhile.

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If you have any other queries about the forthcoming academic year, please contact:


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