Delft, The Netherlands, 01 Mar 2018

IHE Delft hoping for water and peace on Dutch agenda at UN Security Council

Today The Netherlands assumes the presidency of the Security Council, one of the key organs of the United Nations, which presents it with a unique opportunity to prioritize the issues the Council will be considering and dealing with in the area of international peace and security, in the coming four weeks.

The focus of the efforts of The Netherlands at the Council will be on strengthening conflict prevention, as well as modernising peace operations and promoting justice and accountability. The former includes identifying and addressing some of the potential causes of conflict and war, such as competition over water resources, water scarcity and climate change.

Given its well-known expertise in water resources management, there is much that The Netherlands can contribute to this area and its presidency of the Council provides it with a platform to highlight these key issues.

IHE Delft has delivered education and undertaken research in water cooperation and water diplomacy for over a decade. There is a proven need for knowledge about the practice of negotiating, mediating and resolving actual and potential conflicts over increasingly contentious water issues at all levels. IHE Delft is, among others, engaged in the transboundary discussions on water management in the basins of Brahmaputra, Lake Chad and the Nile.

Engaging with practitioners is key in developing the tools, skills and understanding of the complex processes in water cooperation and diplomacy. In this context, IHE Delft recently held its first annual Water and Peace seminar, which brought together scientists, practitioners, scholars, students and diplomats to discuss the current thinking in these areas and the role of water science in informing transboundary water governance.

Upcoming events

People interested in the topic can join in on the online seminar on water cooperation and diplomacy on 6 March. Read more here.

On 7 March IHE Delft will run a Water Diplomacy workshop for the international diplomatic community in The Netherlands and Belgium. The topic will be introduced, along with case studies and the opportunity for discussion about contemporary water diplomacy issues.


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