Delft, The Netherlands, 28 Jun 2019

Ms Fiona Zakaria awarded with a Doctoral degree

On 28 June 2019, Ms Fiona Zakaria successfully presented and defended her PhD thesis and was awarded with a Doctoral degree. Professor Damir Brdjanovic was her promotor.

The PhD research focused on

The development of technology in the emergency sanitation sector has not been emphasised sufficiently considering that the management of human excreta is a basic requirement for every person. The lack of technology tailored to emergency situations complicates efforts to cater for sanitation needs in challenging humanitarian crisis. Concerns persists on the lack of faecal sludge management that considers the whole sanitation chain from containment until treatment. This study focused on the development of a smart emergency toilet termed the eSOS (emergency sanitation operation system) smart toilet to address the limitation in technical options. This toilet is based on the eSOS concept that takes into account the entire sanitation chain. This study also addresses the limited time for planning in emergencies by developing a decision support system (DSS) to help quick selection of optimal sanitation options. The aim was to enable users of the DSS to plan their emergency sanitation response within the shortest time possible. The study aims to contribute toward a better emergency sanitation response by application of technology advances.


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