Grand-Bassam, 28 Nov 2019

Prof Dano Roelvink to participate in post-flooding UNESCO mission to Grand-Bassam

When heavy rain caused the river ComoƩ to overflow on 11 October, the historic, UNESCO-listed capital of the Ivory Coast, Grand-Bassam suffered serious flooding. The main roads of the city were inundated, including a number of buildings of historic significance.

On 23 October the Director-General announced a mission to assess the flood damage and define protective measures, funded by the Heritage Emergency Fund of UNESCO.
Prof. Roelvink was invited to join the emergency evaluation mission, due to his extensive experience in flood related modelling and involvement in the design of a permanent opening of the Comoe, for which ground was recently broken. He will join a group of international and national experts who are charged with producing a report evaluating the damage, proposing immediate reinforcement works and later preventative measures, to protect the city and its heritage.


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