Top-up of DUPC2 approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

We are pleased to announce that the DUPC2 top-up was officially approved by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The development of the top-up started last April and was submitted early November. The top-up consists of eight activities with a total budget of 11,1 million Euro.

All projects are led by IHE Delft staff. Some of the activities were developed in cooperation with DUPC2 partners. This has resulted in an interesting new package of education, research and capacity strengthening activities, which will greatly contribute to the overall objectives of the DUPC2 programme: to help making impact on the ground in partnership. 

Top-up activities, total budget 11,1 million Euro, project period 2020 – 2023:

Capacity strengthening and Community of Practice

  • Sudan – Supporting water management in the new Sudan through capacity strengthening and applied research, project leader Hermen Smit (DUPC2 contribution €1,075,000).
    • This project is developed together with Dr Yasir Mohamed, IHE Delft staff and now the new minister of Irrigation and Water Resources of Sudan and aims to strengthen the capacity of the Sudanese water sector in three priority thematic fields that will be selected by the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources.
  • SIDS3 - Supporting SIDS to strengthen capacity in the water sector to meet the SDGs under global change, project leader Erik de Ruijter van Steveninck (DUPC2 contribution €1,498,932).
    • This programme holds 24 fellowships to support SIDS students to start a MSc at IHE Delft and further built capacity of water professionals in the SIDS through regional workshops.
  • MENA - Supporting capacity development in the MENA region to cope with water scarcity, project leader Shreedhar Maskey (DUPC2 contribution €1,858,303).
    • This project aims to train 32 professionals in one of the water and development related MSc specializations at IHE Delft and 80 professionals through tailor made short courses in the region. 
  • Iraq - Supporting integrated and sustainable water management in Iraq through capacity development and research, project leader Ilyas Masih (DUPC2 contribution €1,070,460).
    • The goal of this project is to enhance capacity of the water sector in Iraq through tailor-made trainings and research initiatives.
  • BEWOP4 - Boosting Effectiveness of Water Operators’ Partnerships Phase 4: Knowledge Management and Exchange for the EU-WOP Programme, project leader Klaas Schwartz (DUPC2 contribution €1,499,772).
    • This project is meant to optimize the effectiveness of the EU-WOP programme by helping WOPs to be more effective and their impacts longer-lasting.


  • Open and Online Education Hub for sharing water knowledge, project leader Charlotte de Fraiture (DUPC2 contribution €1,500,000).
    • The project proposes four activity areas: 1) support to develop new credited online and blended products at IHE (with participation of partners), 2) strengthened capacities of partners in developing new credited online and blended products, 3) support to online teaching lab facilities (such as equipment and training to set-up tele-teaching facilities and recording studios at IHE and selected partners, and 4) support to OpenCourseWare and general open education development at IHE Delft.


  • WEF-Tools - Application and improvement of a Water-Energy-Food-Nexus Toolbox to support sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in water scarce regions, project leader Graham Jewitt (DUPC2 contribution €1,201,515).
    • This project aims to build a Water-Energy-Food nexus-based toolbox based on globally available indicators and databases through which current state, trends and interactions/trade-offs can be identified and tested to guide countries and investors in identifying sustainable and adaptive development pathways.
  • Water-PIP - 25% Water Productivity Improvement in Practice, project leader Marloes Mul (DUPC2 contribution €1,204,881).
    • The main objective of this project is to guide DGIS partner countries and Dutch funded water projects on water productivity to reach 25% improvement in the agricultural sector using WaPOR.

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