Vacancy: post-doc positions in wastewater treatment and planning of infrastructure at Al-Quds University (AQU)

Soil and Hyrdology research (SHR) at Al-Quds University (AQU) are seeking a candidate for a two-year period post-doctoral position for the KidronNar Project.


The  post  doc  is  expected  to  develop  an  integrated  basin-wide  wastewater management plan, based upon application of decentralised wastewater treatment and reuse in parts of the basin, advocated to planners and decision makers. The problem can be considered at the international, national, town, neighbourhood  and house level.

Additionally, the post doc will focus  on  the  development  of  a  methodology  to  decide  the  optimal spatial configuration of  treatment solutions  (centralised  plants (CP),  decentralised plants (DP) and their combinations), at various sub-catchment scales (neighbourhood  and town). Optimal configurations will take into account the current plans of urban expansion and future infrastructure developments regarding sewage networks. In addition, the  optimal number and locations of the treatment plants will be found for the case of decentralised solutions.

In principle, the objective functions to consider are:

  • Maximise the coverage of treatment solutions in the area
  • Minimise the total costs of operation and maintenance of the whole system
  • Maximise the opportunity cost for water reuse

The required inputs to the method to develop are, in principle:

  • Topography maps (elevations)
  • City maps (roads) and expansion areas
  • Land  use  maps,  land  use  plans  (location  of  industries,  agricultural  area,  parks, green areas, etc)
  • Current sewage network, current area of service

Further  details  of  our  research  group  can  be  found here.

(Read more on the KidronNar project here)



The candidate will have experience and training in at least two areas of proven experience in sewerage, wastewater treatment and planning of infrastructure, interest in mathematical modeling to support planning and decision making  as well as a strong background in programming and modelling. The  candidate  shall  show  an  interest  in  working  in  a  multidisciplinary  international project team (economists, social scientists and environmental scientists).

Applicants should send a 1-2 page resume that details their qualifications, relevant experience and list of journal publications, together with the contact information of at least  two  referees.  Information  should  be  addressed  to  Dr.  Jawad  A.H  Shoqeir at . A review of applications will begin on the 1st of May and continue  until  position  is  filled.  

  • PhD in Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering or similar field
  • Proven  experience  in  sewerage,  wastewater  treatment  and  planning  of infrastructure
  • Interest in mathematical modeling to support planning and decision making
  • Interest  in  working  in  a  multidisciplinary  international  project  team,  with  a.o. economists, social scientists and environmental scientists
  • Willingness to international travel


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