Delft, The Netherlands, 08 Aug 2018

Zaki Shubber featured in Diplomat magazine

Zaki Shubber, lecturer in law and water diplomacy at IHE Delft wrote an article for Diplomat magazine about water cooperation and water diplomacy. Recently, IHE Delft organised a water diplomacy workshop. A large number of diplomatic representatives attended and expressed a great interest in this urgent and increasingly important topic.

''Water management is conflict management. From the Aral to the Zambezi, water disputes are a priority at local, regional, national, and international levels. Worldwide, water demands are growing, groundwater levels are dropping, water bodies are increasingly contaminated, and delivery and treatment infrastructure is aging. The potential for conflict and the need for cooperation between domestic and transboundary watershed stakeholders will increase as problems become more acute.

Key in addressing all of these matters is the capacity of water professionals and of stakeholders to deal with them. Education and capacity building are absolute requirements to empower all those who are closely or indirectly involved in water or water-related conflicts. It is necessary to provide the right education to the new generation of water professionals. In addition, it is essential to continuously train those already active, to better understand the options available to address latent or actual competition and conflict over water and how to take into account technical, scientific, political, or governance-related factors. IHE Delft, together with its partners all over the world, has been working on these issues across three broad pillars, education, research and institutional strengthening, to enhance the overall understanding of the processes happening and capacity of those who are involved in them'', says Zaki Shubber.

Read the full article of Diplomat magazine here.

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