Online Alumni Networks

A great means to stay in touch with IHE Delft and with fellow alumni worldwide is through social media platforms. As an alumnus you can join these groups. 

IHE Delft Alumni LinkedIn group 

This group is only open to all IHE Delft Institute for Water Education/ IHE Delft alumni who have completed a MSc, MEng or PhD programme. This group aims to strengthen the network among alumni and between alumni and the Institute. We invite all alumni to actively participate in discussions and share water & environment related events, vacancies, best practices, research and projects.

IHE Delft Alumni Facebook group

This group is more of a social nature. Here you can easily share photo’s, have conversations with each other, and keep updated about each others lives.

IHE Delft corporate social media

Aside from social media networks specifically set up for alumni, IHE Delft also has several corporate social media platforms. Follow this link to connect to the Institute through these networks.

Many alumni have set up their own social media network to facilitate their connectivity and (professional) information links. IHE Delft supports the creation of these groups. These include:

If you are aware of such a network, and it is not yet listed here, please let us know so we can add it to the list.