Orange Knowledge Programme

The Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP) is currently being phased out. Nuffic is developing a new scholarship programme called the Orange Knowledge Programme. From the information released about this new scholarship programme, it appears that Nuffic will continue to provide scholarship opportunities, but to a reduced number of countries.

Click here to see the provisional list of countries whose citizens are eligible for fellowships. Please note that this information may still change and we expect the list to be confirmed at the beginning of 2018.

For this new scholarship programme we expect that you will be asked to upload the following documents:

Please note that the required documents may change, but it gives you an indication of what to expect. We strongly encourage you to submit your application for academic admission to IHE Delft before 1 February 2018 and prepare these documents.

All relevant information about the new scholarship programme, including the confirmed country list, will be published on our website as soon as it becomes available. Provisionally admitted students will be informed by IHE Delft directly, once more information is known.

Due to all the uncertainties around the new Orange Knowledge Programme (former NFP), we emphasise our advice that you look simultaneously for other possibilities of financial support as well as this NUFFIC programme.