IHE Delft's staff members are committed to bring water education, research and capacity development to a higher level. Together with its motivated PhD fellows, Alumni, Students and Partners, IHE Delft forms a strong knowledge network of water sector experts.

Staff in focus

Shirish Singh

Lecturer in Non-Sewered Sanitation

Shirish joined IHE in June 2017 to design and deliver a new master’s programme in Sanitation. He is also coordinating the transfer of this master to educational institutes in Asia and Africa under the “Global Sanitation Graduate School” platform. “Currently, I am a lecturer in sanitation and I believe that this is an excellent opportunity to share my knowledge and support students, to enhance their knowledge and skills. I enjoy interacting with students to learn and discuss about their sanitation challenges. I like the multi-cultural environment at IHE Delft and its mission to work in partnership in strengthening capacity to address global challenges in water and sanitation and contribute to achieve the sustainable development goals. In five years’ time, I hope to see IHE Delft and myself flourishing with the Global Sanitation Graduate School and have sanitation leaders and champions contributing to finding solutions to local sanitation challenges”.

Shirish Singh

Alessandra Crosato

Associate Professor of River Morphology and River Engineering

Alessandra joined IHE Delft in October 2006. “My current position is Associate Professor of River Morphology and River Engineering. I teach how rivers respond to human interventions and environmental changes, which is the necessary basic knowledge for sustainable river training and restoration. At IHE Delft, I carry out applied research, mainly dealing with the effects of dams and their operations on downstream rivers and with numerical modelling of river dynamics, including vegetation effects. The most attractive aspect of working at IHE Delft is the international ambience. The distances between people shorten and one has the feeling of belonging to the entire world. I hope to see an even stronger IHE Delft with people being proud of being part of its community.”

Alessandra Crosato


PhD Fellows in focus

Aries Purwanto

PhD fellow

Aries is from Indonesia. His research explores the importance of “System Dynamics Framework for Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Security Nexus in Local Perspective”. He believes that one excellent aspect of IHE Delft is its problem-focused and solution-orientated research. By harnessing vast the network and collaboration between IHE Delft experts, PhD fellows, and MSc students from more than 160 countries, the results of the research will comprehensively assist decision-makers and stakeholders to resolve water related and development issues in their country. “In a few years after finishing my PhD research, I am planning to collaborate with a local public university and local communities to establish an independent research institute and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals in the region.’’

Aries Purwanto

Silvia Bentancur

PhD fellow

Silvia comes from Uruguay. Her PhD research aims at better understanding the physico-chemical and biological processes at a pulp mill wastewater treatment plant in Uruguay. The first phase of the PhD project was designed to carry out laboratory tests, to understand the chemical removal of phosphorus from industrial wastewater. Silvia explains, “In the next phase I researched the biological wastewater treatment at the Catholic University of Uruguay. My experience of doing a PhD has worked very well because I have been able to combine undertaking research in my country, applied to local industry, with being close to my family. Studying at IHE Delft has been richly rewarding: sharing experiences with students from different countries and cultures, contributed a lot to my personal and professional development.”

Silvia Bentancur Caballero

PHD Fellows


IHE Delft has provided post-graduate education to more than 23,000 water professionals from over 190 countries. They form the Institute’s alumni community, the largest global network of water professionals in the world. They are acquiring key positions, supporting the implementation of the global water agenda and improving the quality of life of their communities every day.

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Our students do not only study and share water-related knowledge, but also get to broaden their perspective on the wonders of each others' cultures, religions and beliefs.

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