Peter Kelderman PhD, MSc

Visiting guest


Dr. Peter Kelderman has been attached to IHE since 1983. His academic teaching subjects include: General and Environmental Chemisitry; Mathematics; Physical transport processes, Water Quality Management and Modelling and Aquatic sediments. He has also been teaching these subjects in, amongst others, Kenya, China, Taiwan and Poland.

Additionally, he is supervisor of the Chemistry laboratory sessions at IHE.

Peter Kelderman has prepared and supervised groupworks on Integrated River Basin Management and on Environmental Technology. In many cases, he has been course leader and mentor in regular and short courses at IHE.

He has also supervised some 50 MSc and 4 PhD participants, mainly in the fields of water quality management and of wetlands for wastewater treatment.

Before 1983, he was attached to the Netherlands Institute for Ecological Research (NIOO-CEMO), where he carried out a PhD study on sediment-water interaction of nutrients in a shallow, saline lake. For this, multiplicinary research was undertaken in the field of sediment dynamics, pore water qualities, experiments on sediment water interaction under different environmental conditions and fieldwork on the effects of light and dark conditions upon the phosphorus exchange in a producing microflora mat.

His current research activities are especially concentrated on sources of pollution and clean-up of dredged sediments in an urban environment. For this, the different mass balance terms of suspended matter and heavy metals in an inner-city canal system are systematically being assessed. This research has, uptill now, resulted in more than 10 scientific publications.

Peter Kelderman has presented his work in many conferences and seminars; recently he has been member of the Programme Committee of the 9th IWA Conference on Watershed and River basin Management.

Main disciplines

Environmental Chemistry, Water quality Management, Sediment-water interaction, Polluted sediments.


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