Refresher courses

Each year, IHE Delft organizes refresher courses in Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America and/or the Middle East, primarily for IHE Delft alumni. The courses cover themes that are of direct relevance and importance to the region and the participants.

Refresher courses 

    Refresher courses take place every year in different continents with the financial support of Nuffic to contribute to the institutional development of the alumni's employing organizations and prolong the impact of the original training. The courses are open to alumni who have studied in the Netherlands with NFP scholarships and are living in countries included in the Nuffic country list. The courses are evaluated by alumni as a very important experience to increase their knowledge as well as to reinforce their professional network.

    The refresher courses, which are typically one week long, consist of interactive lectures, role-plays, group discussions, field trips,  country presentations by participants, social events, and a final ceremony where certificates of attendance are awarded. During the courses the participants attended classes as well as have time to share their own professional experiences and networking.

    Objectives of the courses: 

    Facilitating exchanges of experiences between alumni from different countries facing similar issues and problems in their professional capacities;

    Enhancing and strengthening relationships among these alumni, and between them and IHE Delft;

    Adapting and improving the approaches and contents of courses held at IHE Delft on the basis of the experiences and practices of professionals working in developing countries; and

    Exploring opportunities for establishing and strengthening local and regional knowledge centres that are part of regional and global networks for capacity building in the water, environment and infrastructure sectors.

    Refresher Courses 2017 

    • Course: Managing Solid Waste with emphasis on solid household organics
      Date: June 2017
      Location: Mumbai, India

      Coordinator: Dr. Maarten Siebel & Dr. E. van Hullebush
      Counterpart: Five Elements Environment Ventures PvT. Ltd., FEEV,  & Indian Institute of Technology, JSS Academy of Technology Edu IIT/JSS Noida
      Open to: Alumni from Asia and West Africa 
      Course concluded, read article here
    • Course: Urban and Rural polder development in coastal areas
      Date: 21-25 August
      Location: Yangon, Myanmar
      Coordinator: Dr. F. Suryadi
      Counterpart: Irrigation and Water Utilization management Department, IWUMD & Myanmar Maritime University, MMU
      Open to: Alumni from Asia
      Course concluded, read article here
    • Course: Hydrological tools for water management in food production
      Date: 27 November - 1 December 2017 | Note this course has been rescheduled!

      Location: Managua, Nicaragua
      Coordinator: Dr. Gerald Corzo Perez
      Counterpart: Institute of Geology and Geophysics, UNAN ManaguaOpen to: Alumni from Latin America and Caribbean region
      Application open now until 2 October 2017 (for NFP female alumni and self-paying participants)
    • Course: Water resources management and climate change: balancing the extremes 'Food-Water Scarcity-Floods"
      Date: 11 - 16 December 2017 
      Location: La Havana & Varadero - Cuba
      Coordinator: Dr. Carlos Lopez Vazquez & Dr. Hector Garcia
      Counterpart: Institute para la Investigacion de la Industria Alimentaria, IIIA & Havana Technical University ‘Jose Antonio Echeverria’, CUJAE
      Open to:  Alumni from Latin America and Caribbe | Application deadline passed
    • Course: Towards sustainable Intensification of Agriculture for Food Security
      Date:  19 - 23 February 2018 
      Location: Nairobi, Kenya
      Coordinator: Dr. Poolad Karimi
      Counterpart: Jomo Kenyatta, University of Agriculture and Technology & WaterHealth
      Open to: Alumni from Africa | Application closed

    Application procedure

    • Select the refresher course you would like to enrol in
    • Click the button  ‘apply now’.
    • Make an account using the email address known at IHE Delft or use your current account to log in. 

    Important! Register using the email address where you have received the invitation to the course sent by IHE Delft. In case you have not received the invitation by email, send before registering your new email address to

    • Complete the application process and upload your CV, copy of your passport and as of this year, it is required to upload an employer statement. Please find the template on the course specific webpage. Use only that format and note that it has to be submitted on official letterhead with the company logo and should contain the company’s stamp.
    • For the refresher course in India, you need to submit another attachment, the ‘course specific required information’. On the course specific webpage of this refresher course, you can find a template.
    • By selecting 'scholarship' in the question 'How do you intend to pay the costs of your study and other expenses? You will automatically apply for a NFP fellowship, IHE Delft will handle this.
    • Submit your application. When pressing the 'Submit' button, your application will be sent to IHE Delft. You will not receive a confirmation of receipt. However, you can check the status of your application on your personal page. If the status is submitted or verified, it has been received.
    • After the application deadline, IHE Delft makes a selection of all eligible applicants. IHE Delft will inform the selected candidates by email. One month before the start of the Refresher Course, all applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection

    Please take note that you can only register for one refresher course.

    NFP Fellowships

    The Netherlands Government has made full fellowships for a maximum of 20 participants available for each refresher course.
    These fellowships include:

    • air travel (economy class) from the nearest international airport in the candidate’s home country to the refresher course country and vice versa. Please note that travel costs made to reach the airport in your home country will not be reimbursed,
    • transfer from the airport to hotel and vice versa. No other travel costs are refunded,
    • health insurance for international participants,
    • accommodation, including meals, for the duration of the course, up to a maximum of 15 days in total, depending on the date of arrival in and departure from the hosting country,
    • direct visa costs (no related costs, such as travel costs to the Embassy or hotel stay are refunded). The visa costs can only be reimbursed when the original receipts are handed in.

    NFP Fellowships Eligibility

    • You can apply for a fellowship if you fit the following criteria. You:
    • are a national of, and work and live in one of the current African NFP countries, for refresher courses held in Africa
    • are a national of, and work and live in one of the current Asian NFP countries, for refresher course held in Asia
    • are a national of, and work and live in one of the current Asian and African NFP countries, for refresher course held in India
    • are a national of, and work and live in one of the current Latin American or Caribbean countries, for the refresher course in  Cuba and Nicaragua
    • received your Postgraduate Diploma course, Master of Engineering, Master of Science, PhD degree or a short course certificate at IHE Delft or a Dutch Institution and 
    • graduated before or in 2015, and
    • studied on an NFP fellowship, and
    • have not attended any IHE Delft refresher course or IHE Delft short course on an NFP fellowship since 31 December 2015 and
    • have submitted a correct and complete employer statement.

    Self Paying Participants

    The courses are open to a limited number of self-paying participants who have the required background and work experience, and who are not necessarily alumni. The tuition fee for one course is Euro 230, to be paid in advance. This tuition fee covers registration, tuition, and fieldtrips (if applicable). All other costs such as meals, hotel and travel costs are borne by the participant.
    More details can be provided upon request by contacting .