Water Conflict Analysis

For whom?

Current and future water managers, decision-makers and others involved in water resources management, water conflict and cooperation.


Participants need to have at least a bachelor degree in a relevant subject and preferably several years of relevant working experience in the field of water management, water cooperation or similar topics relating to natural resources and the environment.

Learning objectives

Upon completion, the participant should be able to:
  1. Understand and critically debate key concepts of water and environment related conflicts, including the complex interrelations between water-related risks and conflicts
  2. Assess and apply theoretical approaches explaining conflict and cooperation over (transboundary) water resources and water diplomacy practices
  3. Analyse the key legal and institutional mechanisms for conflict and cooperation at different levels, such as principles of international and national water law and river basin organizations
  4. Apply basic negotiation skills for water conflict management and cooperation to specific challenges and cases


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