Water Talent Fund for Women

There is a global need for well educated water professionals who are able to deal with the severe and growing challenges in the management of water resources. One vital aspect in building the next generation of water professionals is enabling and preparing women for decision-making at all levels, and their meaningful participation in the development and implementation of programmes and projects. 

IHE Delft offers a wide variety of educational courses in the field of water. In addition to four MSc Programmes and the PhD Programme the Institute also offers a range of courses tailored to specific needs for staff and professionals from water sector ministries and departments, municipalities, water boards and water utilities, universities, training and research institutes, industries, non-governmental and private sector organizations in developing countries and countries in transition.

For most of our courses the students receive fellowship funding from a wide category of donors (e.g. Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Development Cooperation; Rotary International; Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; World Bank).

These donors enable talented professionals from developing countries to boost their knowledge in the field of water and return home with new qualifications that will stimulate sustainable innovation in water, sanitation, environment and infrastructure management for the urban and rural poor to contribute to a world where children and their families lead a healthier and more productive life.

From 35 to 50%

Over the last couple of years we managed to increase the number of female participants, such as MariaDorothyJacobine or Sifat in our courses to the level of 35% on average. Analyzing how this figure can be increased to 50% we discovered that many fellowship programmes have such a variety of application requirements (regional or country preferences; number of years of professional working experience in the field; type of degree etc.) which make it difficult for female applicants to compete with their male counterparts.

Some fellowship programmes are also inflexible when it concerns uplifting prior qualifications and/or family visits to meet up with husband and children.

We therefore would appreciate very much your participation in the Water Talent Fund for Women and provide aspiring female water and sanitation talents with the much needed training and skills to make a substantial difference.


Contact Ms. Vanessa de Oliveira of the UNESCO-IHE Liaison Office for more information. We would be delighted to arrange a meeting with you to discuss your participation in the fund.