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IHE Delft Institute for Water Education

Aerial view of streets, vehicles and buildings flooded as a result of the overflow of the Aegean Sea due to the powerful storms and heavy rains in Mavisehir neighbourhood of Izmir, Turkiye on November 26, 2023

Water poses a serious challenge to every part of the world. Too many people remain without access to water and sanitation. This makes their lives difficult: their health suffers, and prosperity remains out of reach. Increasingly frequent and severe droughts and floods - a result of climate change - add to the challenge. At the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, we work to change this. Our vision: a world free of poverty and injustice in which people manage their water and environmental resources sustainably and equitably.

Education at IHE Delft

Graduate education at IHE Delft is science based and highly relevant for those interested in water and development. Sign up for one of our educational programmes and join our world-wide network of over 25,000 water professionals. Managing a water sector organization? Learn more about education and training for your staff in the business solutions section.
Students doing fieldwork

Knowledge and capacity for the water sector

People need capacity to manage data, to innovate, to govern well and to manage funds effectively. IHE Delft has solid experience in delivering tailored and demand-driven capacity development interventions. A lack of proper infrastructure or a lack of capable water professionals are not the only challenges to effective water management. The main culprit is often a lack of strong institutions and good governance, which, combined with too little interaction among institutions accountable for water management, leads to a weak water sector. 

Research for global water sustainability

IHE Delft pursues cutting-edge research that fulfills global water-related needs and targets pragmatic, evidence-based solutions, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world. The Institute comprises about 140 academic staff members, over 100 PhD researchers and some 150 master students. Through partnerships, the Institute strives to connect universities and knowledge institutes in all areas of the world.

PhD student performing tests in the IHE Delft laboratory

IHE Delft in a nutshell

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