Abeer Almomani

PhD candidate


Abeer has a BSc. degree in Civil Engineering from Jordan University of Science and Technology. She has 12 years of experience in municipal water and waste water services working with governmental water institutions, donor-funded development projects, and water utilities in Jordan. Her work covered different aspects ranging from governance, institutional development and management of service delivery.

She pursued her post graduate studies at the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies-Erasmus University Rotterdam and graduated in 2016 with MSc. degree in Urban Management and Development specializing in Urban Infrastructure Management and Finance.

Directly after graduation, Abeer joined IHE Delft as a PhD fellow in Citizens’ Science. Her research is embedded in Project Ground Truth 2.0 – Environmental knowledge discovery of human sensed data and will focus on understanding the evolving incentives and barriers of stakeholders continued involvement in Citizens’ Observatories. 


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