Achmad Muzakky

There are a lot of benefits at IHE Delft, I can get more experiences and new knowledge about sanitation and wastewater treatment all over the world. Furthermore, I can meet people from other continents at IHE Delft.

East Asia and Pacific
Indonesia East Asia and Pacific

Achmad Muzakky came from Indonesia to study our MSc programme on Sanitary Engineering 2019/2021. He is a Rotary International Scholarship 2019 awardee.

About studying at IHE Delft:
“As I know, IHE Delft is one of the best institutes for studying water  and it has a lot of specialization that focus on water. Also, the environment is international friendly because there are a lot of international students from every continent and most of them have a similar interest and background in water.

Furthermore, IHE Delft is located in Delft which is one of the most historical cities in the Netherlands and it is well-known as a student city. It has some historical sites and located strategically between three big cities in the Netherlands: Den Haag, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. The city is good and perfect for the students to study.”

About the programme:
''I took MSc Sanitary Engineering because I believe by studying here, I can improve my hard skills of  designing, management and modelling of the waste water treatments plants (WWTP), which are needed to build better sanitation access in Indonesia. The programme is taught in English and the subject is very focused on wastewater and sanitation. The lecturers are very diverse, some of them come from developing countries who have some experience in the related topic and can give a more realistic and applicable lesson to build the WWTP and sanitation access for developing countries such as my country, Indonesia.”

After graduation:
When Achmad finishes his study, he would like to become a lecturer because by becoming a lecturer in a university in Indonesia, he hopes to do more in related subjects. He wants to encourage, empower, and teach the people and young generation to be more aware of issues relating to access towastewater and sanitation. Also, he wants to do some research and develop better sanitation access for Indonesia and other developing countries.’’

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