Adecar Nugroho Tjindra

This international and multidisciplinary atmosphere has helped me to be more open-minded

East Asia and Pacific
Indonesia East Asia and Pacific

What kind of work are you engaged in? 
I am currently work for Witteveen+Bos in Indonesia, a consultancy company that mainly deals with water infrastructure projects. I am involved in a reclamation project in Indonesia, where I work on different stages; from the feasibility study up to detailed design and construction supervision.  

What do you like the most in this work?
Our specialism is offering state of the art of civil engineering work. We are dealing with high quality demands of the design (product) and at the same time challenges with the natural conditions of the project area. This combination of pressures and challenges creates a very conducive working atmosphere for the engineer in facing new problems and being able to grow every day. 

Can you explain how your MSc at IHE Delft has contributed to your career with an international consultancy?
During my time at IHE Delft, I worked among students from various countries and different backgrounds. This international and multidisciplinary atmosphere has helped me to be more open-minded. This has proven to be helpful in my daily work now, which requires an open and critical attitude towards any idea and to respond in a constructive critical way.  On top of that, meeting all these people during my MSc built an international network for me, which is very beneficial for my career. 

How has studying at IHE Delft helped you to make a contribution to sustainable development in your home country?
A lot of subjects that we learn at IHE Delft are very applicable for developing countries or countries in transition. From my studies I have learned a stricter and well developed approach towards work, which I can apply well in my work as an international consultant.  

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