Akewak Yadeta Gobosho

Studying in this field will enable me to have the skills and knowledge neccessary to take part in water cooperation projects.

Sub-Saharan Africa
Ethiopia Sub-Saharan Africa

What made you decide to study this particular program?
I decided to study water conflict management because in my region (North Eastern Africa) the utilization of trans-boundary waters has continued to be challenge not only for cooperative development but also for inter-state security in the region, which among other aspects requires professional skills in water conflict management. Hence, studying in this field will enable me to have the skills and knowledge to take part in water cooperation projects and initiatives.

Can you say something about studying in Delft/the Netherlands? (Cultural and social experiences)
Studying in Delft is a unique opportunity to build new friendships and be challenged by new and innovative ideas. Above all studying in the Netherlands has armed me with the resources and opportunities to help me succeed in my future endeavors.

What kind of professional background do you need to succeed in this program?
A social science background like political science, international relations, law or water related disciplines will help you to succeed in the program.

Why should new students/water professionals choose this program?
Water education and research is a center of excellence here. The diversity of the programs offered at the IHE Delft will allow students/water professionals who are interested in the field of water negotiation and cooperation to mould their experiences into what they desire it to be in the wider sector of water management.


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