Akosua Boakye-Ansah

Lecturer/Researcher in Water Services Governance


Akosua is a Lecturer/Researcher in Water Services Governance at the Water Governance department, since September 2020. For her research and teaching activities, she focuses on the management and governance of (waste)water and sanitation services both at the utility (provider) and consumer levels, pro-poor water and sanitation services, water and environmental quality management and governance, (urban) informality, water safety planning and partnerships, networks and stakeholder analysis. She adopts an interdisciplinary approach where she combines technical/experimental research techniques with qualitative/ethnographic techniques to unpack the complex technical, engineered, social, environmental and human dynamics governing the (urban)water supply and sanitation services and systems.

Prior to working at IHE Delft, Akosua worked with the Ashanti region branch of the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) first as Chemist/Bacteriologist in the Central Water Laboratory where she was among other roles involved in the monitoring of the quality of water in distribution and as a Process Chemist for the Barekese treatment works where she was responsible for the treatment and ensuring overall quality of water sent out for distribution in Kumasi and its environs. During this period, she also had an oversight responsibility of monitoring the production and supply of water through small-scale piped systems, in four rural communities in the Ashanti region.

She received her PhD in November 2020 from IHE Delft and the University of Amsterdam. For her PhD research, she focused on the conflicting demands of water utilities in their daily services to the urban poor – delving into the challenges water utilities face in ensuring equitable service provision in fragmented cities and also understanding how the utilities try to address these challenges. She holds an MSc in Water Quality Management with distinction from the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and a BSc in Laboratory Technology, second class upper division from the University of Cape-Coast, Ghana.


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Boakye-Ansah A.S., Schwartz K., Zwarteveen M. (2019). From rowdy cartels to organized ones? The transfer of power in urban water supply in Kenya. European Journal for Development Studies.

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Boakye-Ansah, A. S., Ferrero, G., Rusca, M., & van der Zaag, P. (2016). Inequalities in microbial contamination of drinking water supplies in urban areas: the case of Lilongwe, Malawi. Journal of Water and Health.

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