Alessandra Crosato

Associate Professor of River Morphology and River Engineering


Dr Crosato was employed by IHE Delft in November 2006 after having worked for almost 20 years as a consultant hydraulic engineer, specialised in morphological changes of rivers and estuaries, mainly in Deltares. At IHE Delft, Dr Crosato holds the position of Associate Professor in River Morphodynamics and River Engineering, whereas she also holds the position of research associate at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). Her current research deals with the development of bars in river channels and river planimetric changes, as well as floating debris in river channels, for which she carries out laboratory experiments and develops process-based mathematical models. Other current research topics deal with the interaction between vegetation, river planimetry, river morphology and floodplain sedimentation. These studies are mainly based on mathematical and numerical modelling validated on field and experimental data. In the late 1980’s Dr Crosato developed the mathematical and numerical model MIANDRAS, which marked a relevant step forward in the modelling of river planimetric changes. The model is still used at several research institutes and universities and in the framework of the EU-funded project, IRWM-NET IMPACT, dealing with river habitats. Dr Crosato is the responsible and major lecturer for the courses “River Morphodynamics” and “River Training and Rehabilitation” and contributes to other courses. She is currently mentoring two PhD students at IHE Delft and three at TU Delft, whereas she is also co-mentoring PhD students in the framework of the EU Erasmus Mundus Doctoral Programme SMART, led by the University of Trent, Italy.

Dr Crosato is a member of the  Programme Committee of the Netherlands Centre for River studies (NCR) and of the Europe Division Leadership Team of IAHR, as well as of the scientific committees of the conferences RCEM 2015, IAHR 2015 World Congress and IAHR 2016 Europe Congress. She is currently a guest editor of the journal Advances in Water Resources for the special issue on River Morphodynamic Modelling.


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