Alessandro Cattapan

Lecturer/Researcher in River Engineering


Alessandro Cattapan graduated in Environmental Engineering at the University of Padua in 2010 with a thesis on the transport of chemicals in water basins through the hydrologic cycle. He is a member of the association of engineers of the Padova Province from 2011. He then started to work for an engineering firm in the hydropower sector. Here he was in charge of the research of new opportunities for clients and the firm itself. He gained experience in water discharge measurements, topographic surveys and in hydrologic modeling to determine the duration curves of ungauged catchments. He also has been involved in the design of micro-hydropower plants of various type mainly in the North East of Italy.

At IHE Delft he works as lecturer of River Structures and Data Collection and Analysis and as specialization coordinator for the Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development specialization.


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