Almotasembellah Abushaban

PhD fellow


Motasem Abushaban started his PhD studies at IHE Delft in July 2014, at Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department. His PhD study is in ‘Scaling and Fouling in Reverse Osmosis membrane system’’.

Motasem is from Palestine where he obtained BSc in Civil Engineering from IUG- Gaza. He has been working as a teaching assistant for 1 year at the same university and as water and waste water engineer at the Engineering and Management Consulting Center (EMCC) for 2 years. In October 2012, Motasem moved to Delft where he did his MSc in Water Supply Engineering at IHE Delft.


Safe induction time control of scaling formation in reverse osmosis membrane


Modeling  the  impact  of  land-use  change  on  Water  Budget  of  Gaza  Strip-  Journal  of  Water  Resource  and Protection, Published Online June 2012 ( 2012, 4, 325 -333


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