Alumni gathering in Kampala, Uganda

IHE Delft organised an Alumni gathering in Kampala - Uganda last November, during the refresher course on ' Modelling practice and tools: their roles in water resources management in the 21st Century '. 40 alumni from Uganda attended the event and have the opportunity to meet and greet alumni participating in the course, IHE Delft delegation and staff members of the partner Institution. The event was held at the International Resource Centre garden where a cocktail was served.


IHE Delft has 170 alumni in Uganda, the majority living in Kampala and cities nearby. Many of them are colleagues in different Institutions like the National Water & Sewerage Corporation, the International Resource centre, the National Environmental Management Authority and at Makerere University.

The evening started with the welcome words of Mr. Sonko Kiwanuka, alumnus 1995-96, and Ms. Maria Laura Sorrentino, alumni officer, which was followed by an introduction of all attendees. Dr. Tom Okurut, alumni award winner 2014 also addressed the public and show the group of alumni working at the National Environmental Management Authority. Alumni from different countries present in the refresher course get together with their class mates in Uganda, after many years. 
It was a successful event where everybody has the opportunity to increase their connectivity and plan future actions to be in touch. It was highly evaluated for all alumni that were very grateful to have the opportunity to meet. 

The evening ended with the launch of the official 'IHE Delft alumni group Uganda' on LinkedIn, to facilitate the communication among alumni of the country and the Alma matter. Alumni were also invited to update their contact details and keep them up to date to be always connected. 

Here you can find the pictures of the Alumni gathering.



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