Alumni gathering Kigali, Rwanda

An alumni gathering was held on 9 July, 2013, in Kigali on the occasion of the International Wetlands Forum. Eighteen IHE Delft alumni from various countries in the region were welcomed by Prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook, Prof. Ken Irvine and Dr. Gretchen Gettel.

Alumni network in Rwanda

In his opening remarks, Prof. Stefan Uhlenbrook presented the current status and future education plans of the Institute where the global campus idea was raised connecting various water professionals and institutions. A number of alumni present were then invited to briefly present their current projects and research. Stefan also highlighted that all alumni are invited to apply to refresher courses where the information is regularly provided through e-mails and the website.

In Rwanda, the joint WREM program between IHE Delft and NUR was also mentioned where the program strengthens the capacity of water professionals in the region. On that occasion, the establishment of the Rwandese IHE Delft Alumni Network was encouraged to promote and facilitate knowledge dissemination in the water sector and Mrs. Yvette Carine Kasine accepted to chair that network at the beginning.

Among the IHE Delft delegates were Prof. Dr Kenneth Irvine and Dr. Gretchen Gettel and both of them pointed out that Rwanda is extremely interesting in research and an example of Migina catchment was highlighted. In addition, Dr. Umaru Garba Wali, the WREM coordinator at NUR was invited to make a short brief of the joint capacity building program between NUR and IHE Delft.

Further topics that were presented and discussed on that event includes: (i) Water issues and challenges in Rwanda by Mr. Elisee Gashugi and Mr. Marcellin Rutegwa and (ii) Modification and implementation of a new method for methane analysis in lake sediments, a recent Msc. thesis results of Mr. Cyprien Ndayisaba.

Last but not least, a delicious dinner offered by IHE Delft was offered at the same hotel followed by a networking among alumni and delegates. A souvenir picture was taken and Prof. Stefan officially closed the event at 9h30 pm.


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