Alumni Refresher Course in South Africa

The refresher course on ' 'Research & Action: the politics and practices of participation in the water sector' took place in Belleville, Cape Town, South Africa from 2 to 6 November.

20 African alumni, from 125 applicants,  were selected to attended the course making use of NFP scholarships.The topic and skills taught in this refresher course cross disciplinary boundaries. The objective of the course was to broaden the transferable skill set for all professionals in the water sector. Alumni will be able to expand their breadth of knowledge beyond their specialization to consider social and political dimensions of water sector challenges. 


Arrival Day
All participants arrived to the hotel and start to meet and greet.

Day 1
 Opening of the course.
"On the first day  the opening took place. We discussed the main water challenges in their home countries using photos. It was a very interesting way of learning more about participation in the water sector!"

Day 2:
"On the second day we visited an  Environmental Monitoring Group to learn more about their participatory work with local communities. we visited Liesbeek River river and had the opportunity to design their own water containers in clay!"
"We had a social evening. The Dinner was organized at Bloemendal Restaurant, we could enjoy the stunning sunset views and great food... Really wonderful evening!!"

Day 3:
"We had a session on the use of puppetry for social change and participants played the Knowledge Cafe. Learning to solve water challenges through participation"

Day 4 & 5 
"We had two days fill of activities. We learnt to use digital story telling, mood-lines, and other techniques to improve participation in their projects. The course has been a great experience. 
On the last day participants got their certificates!! 

Day 6
All participants travel back to their home countries.



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