Alumni Refresher Course in Uganda

This eight days refresher course was organised by IHE Delft in collaboration with Makarere University and National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) in Kampala, Uganda and the financial support of EP-Nuffic.

The course aimed at strengthening good modelling practice of IHE Delft alumni in the Sub-Saharan Africa region in order to stimulate correct and careful use of models in water resources management, to discuss limitations of modelling practice, to provide overview of state of the art available tools and methods of accounting uncertainties in modelling practice and most of all to provide opportunity for the participants to learn by sharing how and for what purpose they use modelling.

Nineteen IHE Delft alumni from seven sub-Saharan African countries namely, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan and Nigeria and few from the host organization (NWSC) participated in the course. The participants include senior officials (department heads or director of divisions) in ministry of water resources, universities lecturers, consultants and engineers who use various modelling tools in their day to day activates.

The course was officially open with the welcome and inspiring speeches of IHE Delft alumnus Dr. Eng. Silver Mugisha, Managing Director of the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Uganda and Prof. Henry Alinaitwe, Principal of College of Engineering Design Art and Technology (CDAT) at Makarere University at the International Research Centre (IREC) where the course took place.

The refresher course included lectures, practical interactive exercises, group exercises and presentations. A field trip was organised to visit Bujagali Hydro-Electric Power dam and to the sources of White Nile River at Lake Victoria. Lecturers from IHE Delft, Makarere University and NWSC participated in delivering the refresher course being some of them also IHE Delft alumni like Emmanuel Tumwesigye, Sonko Kiwanuka and Ms Dorothy Kobel in charge of the local preparations of the course.

All participants expressed a very high degree of satisfaction with the course and it aroused more appetite and requests for such courses in various parts of Africa. The course also created a collaborative network among alumni where future knowledge and information exchange is encouraged.

Quotes from participants:

ā€œI am working with the Ministry of Water in Tanzania and one of its role is to manage water resources for sustainable development I chose this course because id related to our objectives.ā€ - Ms Nadhifa Sadiki Kemikimba, IHE Delft alumna from Tanzania

ā€œ I did my MSc on modeling I choose this course to update my knowledge as well as get to know what is new in water modeling tools.ā€ - Yetimwork Adanu Bekele, alumna from Ethiopia


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