Andrés Cabrera Flamini MSc

Lecturer/Researcher in Water Services Management


Andres Cabrera Flamini is Lecturer and Researcher of Water Services Management, within the Water Governance Chairgroup at IHE-Delft. He holds a BSc. in Mechancial Engineering (Magna Cum Laude) from Tufts University and an MSc. in Water Services Management (with Distinction) from IHE-Delft. Currently, Andres is undertaking his PhD research focused on how water service providers, namely drinking water and wastewater utilities, understand, engage and incorporate sustainability and resilience into their daily practices.

His areas of expertise include environmental management for water service providers, the interaction of development and humanitarian aid sectors in developing countries, leadership development within the water sector, and the organizational and technical aspects of disaster management, particularly focused on WASH service provision. Andres is engaged in research and capacity development projects at IHE related to sustainability, governance, pro-poor services (Uganda), water operator partnerships (Middle East), and the development of didactic tools for developing countries around the world. He designed and coordinates 2 modules within the Water Management and Governance Programme, as well as the innovative Leadership module incorporated throughout the new one-year Sanitation MSc., funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Additionally, he provides lectures across the Institute related to sustainability, community management, and humanitarian approaches in water services management. With 5 years of working experience in a developing country - 3 of which were focused as the National Coordinator of WASH services for the Colombian Red Cross with various missions abroad in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe - and 2 years in the academic sector in the Netherlands, Andres has grounded global approaches into several tailor-made courses for NGO's, private sector, and academic sector. 

Research Summary

Andres is passionate about exploring the translation of global and academic concepts and approaches into the day-to-day practices of water professionals; developing the conceptual, practical, and intra-/inter-personal skills of current and future water leaders; and questioning the role of society (and individuals) in the development of a sustainable, conscious and enjoyable world.   


Bichai  F, Cabrera Flamini  A. The Water-Sensitive City: Implications of an urban water management paradigm and its globalization. WIREs Water. 2018;5:e1276.

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