Ane Bilbao Erezkano

Researcher on Knowledge and Innovation management


Ane joined IHE Delft as part of the Knowledge, Capacity and Development team. There she is currently involved in H2020 WeObserve project, an ecosystem of Citizen Observatories for Environmental Monitoring, and in CSEOL, ESA-funded project that supports the development and implementation of pilot projects focused on bringing Citizen Science to Earth Observation data.

Before joining IHE Delft, she worked in research organisations and the private sector where she was involved in EU-funded projects such as EuropeAid, Horizon 2020, on the topics of green economy, innovation ecosystems and eco-innovation policies in Europe and Latin America and the Caribbean. 

With a background in environmental engineering and management, she is passionate about dealing with sustainability challenges and environmental issues as well as on research and innovation topics.


Wehn, U., Gharesifard, M., Ceccaroni, L., Joyce, H., Ajates, R., Woods, S., Bilbao, A., Parkinson, S., Gold, M., & Wheatland, J. (2021). Impact Assessment of Citizen Science: State of the Art and Guiding Principles for a Consolidated Approach. Environmental Impact Assessment Review, 16, 1683-1699.


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