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Dr. Anna Wesselink was educated at Wageningen University in Tropical Land and Water Management. She gained extensive experience as hydrologist in UK and Africa. In her subsequent PhD thesis she analysed the roles of water expertise in water resources management. Since her PhD she continued to research processes of scientific knowledge production, policy formulation and implementation in several research posts. She employs a critical, comparative interpretative policy analytical lens, focussing on the work done by those involved e.g. through the mobilisation of discourses and expertise. Key words: research impact, interdisciplinarity, policy practice.

At IHE Delft Anna is member of the Water Governance chair group in the Department of Integrated Water Systems and Governance, where she is senior researcher and project coordinator of the project Hydro-social Deltas: Understanding flows of water and people in Bangladesh and the Netherlands (funded by NWO/WOTRO Urbanizing Deltas) (September 2014- September 2018). This project aims to understand how flood risks and socio-economic decisions mutually affect each other, resulting e.g. in migration/urbanisation. We compare such hydro-social processes in Bangladesh and the Netherlands, challenging received wisdom on climate migration and anti-poor urban planning practices

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Journal publications

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Book chapters

  • Roald, L, Wesselink A J, Arnell N W, Dixon J M, Rees G, Andrews A J (1993) European Water Archive. Chapter 2 in Flow Regimes from International Experimental and Network Data (FRIEND), Volume I: Hydrological Studies. Ed. A Gustard. Institute of Hydrology, United Kingdom.

Conference papers (selected)

  • De Vriend H J, Wesselink A (2009) Building with Nature: ecodynamic design in practice 2nd German Environmental Sociology Summit Reshaping Nature: Old Limits and New Possibilities. Leipzig 6-7 November 2009 Keynote paper


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