Annelieke Duker MSc

Lecturer/Researcher in Irrigation Management


Annelieke Duker works as a lecturer/researcher in irrigation management at the Land and Water Development chair group within the Water Science and Engineering department. She obtained her Master degree in International Land and Water Management with a specialisation in Irrigation and Water Engineering at Wageningen University in 2007. In the course of her education she gained experience in water rights in irrigation systems, waste water irrigation and river basin management. Currently, she is conducting her PhD research on the trends and resilience of individual farmers using water from alluvial aquifers in Zimbabwe. Her research is undertaken within the A4Labs project on arid African alluvial aquifers. She has working and research experience in Bolivia, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Spain, Yemen, Jordan, Indonesia, and China.


She teaches in courses regarding irrigation management, and socio-economic and environmental impacts of irrigation. She is taking part in developing and implementing a tailor-made training programme on wastewater treatment and use in agriculture in Jordan. She is project leader for the development of a new Graduate Professional Diploma Programme on Water for Food Security, of which the online courses will be available in 2019.

Before joining IHE Delft she worked in Kenya on strengthening community water supply management and enhancing food security. She has experience in working at three different Dutch ministries: Infrastructure and Environment, Foreign Affairs, and Economic Affairs. As a policy maker she focused on developing long-term strategies for fresh water management under different climate scenario’s (Delta programme).


A. E. C. Duker, T. M. Tadesse, T. Soentoro, C. de Fraiture & J. S. Kemerink-Seyoum (2018). The implications of ignoring smallholder agriculture in climate-financed forestry projects: empirical evidence from two REDD+ pilot projects, Climate Policy, DOI: 10.1080/14693062.2018.1532389

J.S. Kemerink-Seyoum, T.M. Tadesse, W.K. Mersha, A.E.C. Duker, C. de Fraiture (2018). Sharing benefits or fueling conflicts? The elusive quest for organizational blue-prints in climate financed forestry projects in Ethiopia, Global Environmental Change, DOI


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