Collaborative water resource management for a water secure world

Annual PhD Symposium 2021

  • 14 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021
  • 09:00

This special 15th edition of IHE Delft’s PhD Symposium will provide a unique opportunity for PhD fellows to present their research, receive feedback from a group of experts from IHE Delft and other universities, and network with PhDs working on a broad range of topics. An online format enables interested early-career scholars and young researchers from the Netherlands and elsewhere to take part.

The 2021 edition is titled Collaborative water resource management for a water secure world. As water-related challenges pose threats to millions of people in terms of food, energy and socio-environmental security, there is an unprecedented need to work together and share knowledge to build sustainable water management with a holistic perspective. The Symposium provides an essential platform for exchanges on state-of-the-art science related to integrated water resources management and collaboration strategies, as well as space for networking among doctoral candidates. Prominent scholars and presentations by PhD researchers will showcase the latest trends in water resource management-related science. The two-day symposium also features one workshop in Science Communication and one panel session in Interdisciplinarity in water-related research to help doctoral candidates further strengthen their skills in these topics.

Participants are invited to present their research in one of five thematic sessions:

  • Ecosystem maintenance and restoration
  • Socio-economics and water governance
  • Integrated water resources management
  • Adaptation, risk and resilience
  • Innovative tools for water planning and management

Registration & abstracts submission

Participation is free. Please register your interest here, specifying in which format you want to engage.

Abstracts for oral presentations and posters in ALL water related-fields will be accepted, including but not limited to: ecosystems and environment, policy and law, management and governance, modelling and data science, hydraulic and fluid mechanics and socio-economic aspects of water management. Prospective participants who are not sure which thematic session to choose should indicate “No specific preference”. Organizers will then fit it into a suitable session or, if needed, adapt the themes of the sessions.

Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words and should be submitted with the registration form. Abstracts must include:

  • The research focus (statement of the problem(s)/specific gap in existing research/research issue(s) addressed) and research question;
  • The research methods used to answer the question;
  • The major results/findings of the research;
  • The main conclusions and recommendations (i.e., how the work answers the proposed research problem).

Works-in-progress can include expected results instead of results and conclusions.

A poster guide is available on this link.

Innovative presentations

The PhD Symposium at IHE Delft will use the 1+3+11 Rule for Presenters. Each speaker has 15 minutes to be allotted as follows:

  • 1 min EXPLAIN IN YOUR NATIVE LANGUAGE (present introduction and background information about your research in your mother tongue - no slides)
  • 3 min EXPLAIN IN PLAIN WORDS (present your research in plain language (using simple words) as you would to, for example, a curious stranger you just met on a train - no slides)
  • 11 min EXPLAIN TO AN EXPERT (present your research in a traditional way using slides should you wish)

PhD candidates from IHE Delft and other institutions can submit abstracts. Master students from IHE Delft can participate online.

For any questions please contact

Poster presentations

Participants who prefer poster presentations should complete the registration form and submit 150-word abstracts. Selected presenters will receive further instructions on how to submit your recorded poster presentations. PhD candidates from IHE Delft and other institutions can submit abstracts. Master students from IHE Delft can participate online.

Important dates

  • Abstracts submission deadline (abstracts should be included in the registration form: September 25
  • Accepted abstracts confirmed (both for presentation and posters):  October 01.
  • Registration deadline, participants: October 01.
  • Submission deadline, posters: October 01.
  • Preliminary program published: October 04.
  • Relevant materials available: in the week of October 4-8.


Contact the Symposium organizing team if you have any further questions, e-mail:

The Symposium organizing team:

Ana Maria Paez Trujillo

Bota Sharipova

Jairo Alberto Villada Arroyave

Maximin Djondo


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