Anparasi Amuthalingam Sivabalan

In Sri Lanka, the water treatment plants are not advanced. My aim is to contribute to control the pollution level in the water source by technical support and education/awareness program.

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Anparasi Amuthalingam Sivabalan is from Sri Lanka and has been working at the National Water Supply & Drainage Board for more than 6 years now. She began to work in the water and wastewater treatment plants, later she joined in the Planning and Design section (preparing the design for the wastewater treatment plants and conducting feasibility studies).

Anparasi heard about IHE Delft from her supervisor. Her supervisor followed the same Masters programme. Anparasi was interested in a Sanitary Engineering course, her supervisor advised her to study at IHE Delft. Anparasi had benefited from her supervisor modules and knowledge and this motivated her to apply.

On her motivation to study in the field of water: ‘’I have a background in civil engineering and I was interested in environmental engineering. When I got the chance to work at the National Water Supply & Drainage Board I took it. I was always interested to solve the water pollution in Sri Lanka.’’

About problems in her home country: ‘’The main issue in Sri Lanka is the water pollution. People are drinking water that is contaminated. The water treatment plants are not advanced. If we want to have an advanced treatment of water we have to increase the tariffs. My aim is to control the water pollution due to wastewater discharge in Sri Lanka.’’

Anparasi about the teaching style at IHE Delft: ‘’The teaching style is very good, but sometimes I feel that the time given is too short. For some of us our native language is not English. Therefore it will take more time to capture the information.

When I finish studying I would like to involve in the educational/training while improving the technical capability of sewerage department of the National Water Supply & Drainage Board.’’

On how she experienced her first week and Delft: ‘’I enjoyed the cold climate, I am waiting to see all the different seasons. I love the trees and canals.’’

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