Aries Purwanto

PhD fellow


He has been working since 2005 as a Development Planner in Karawang Regency, Indonesia. He is currently a full-time Ph.D fellow in Land and Water Development Chair Group, WSE Department, IHE-Delft. He received his bachelor degree (B.Eng) majoring Mining Engineering in 2003 from University of Sriwijaya, Indonesia.  Afterwards, he continued his master study in a double-degree programme on Integrated Lowland Development and Management Planning in University of Sriwijaya & UNESCO-IHE, Delft. He graduated in 2013 with the thesis topic on “GIS-based Modeling for Soil Erosion in Lowland Areas”. His expertise is mainly on local development planning, with several research interests on natural resources, land and water, environment, water-energy-food security, nexus approach, GIS-based and spatial analysis, economic base analysis, and system dynamics modeling.


System dynamics framework for water, energy and food security nexus in local perspective

Research Summary

He started to undertake PhD research in IHE-Delft on September 1, 2016 with the full support from Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP), Ministry of Finance of Indonesia. His PhD research explores more on the development of “System dynamics framework for water-energy-food (WEF) security nexus in local perspective”. The framework is expected to assist local government and stakeholders in doing evaluation and planning of WEF security in their region.



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  • Purwanto A,, Susnik J., Suryadi, F.X., de Fraiture C., (2019), The impacts of agricultural and industrial developments to the water supply from Jatiluhur Reservoir, Indonesia, EGU Conference 2019, Vienna (Abstract accepted)
  • Purwanto A,, Susnik J., Suryadi, F.X., de Fraiture C., (2019), Causal loop diagram of WEF security nexus: An implementation of group model building approach, ICID-WIF3 Conference 2019, Bali (Full Paper Accepted)
  • Purwanto A., (2019), Can agriculture and industry be synergized in local economic development? 2nd International Conference on Indonesia Development (ICID) 2019, Rotterdam-the Netherlands (Extended Abstract Accepted)


  • 2017, "Portraying water, energy, and food related sectors in local economic development", PhD Symposium, IHE-SENSE (Poster)

Other information


  • 2017, Hidden Water Symposium, TU Delft, (May 3)
  • 2017, Wageningen Indonesia Scientific Expose (WISE), Conference on “Global One Health”, WUR (Mar 8)


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