Armando Alfredo Chitika Holguín Testimonial

I chose IHE Delft because it is the only institute in the world focused really on water

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Armando Alfredo Chitika Holguin is from Chihuahua, Mexico. He is a lecturer at the Universidad Tec Milenio, in the International Law department. His first degree is in international relations and the second in law. 

Armando came to know about IHE Delft throught a friend who was studying at the Delft University of Technology, who told him about a water institute from the United Nations in the same city. He applied for seven different universities, for five he was accepted. "I chose IHE Delft because of the specialization. It is the only Institute focused really on water and it is the largest centre. The UN also adds a certificate of good quality."

Why Armando choose the study Water Conflict Management: "In Mexico I used to work in the National Water Commission in the Water Management Vice Presidency. There I had the opportunity to be arbitrary for the different conflicts of water between populations inside Chihuahua but also internationally with the United States."

On his motivation to study in the field of water: "My country is very large, we can divide it in two geographical zones. The northern region, that’s where I am from, has a big dessert. There is a lack of water, but also we have huge productions in agronomy. The aquifers are overexploited, we are beginning to finish the aquifers. People continue to harvest crops for surviving. They come to the authority, the National Water Commission, to help them solve the problems between them. On one side you have a lack of water and on the other side it is important to strengthen the economic growth for the inhabitants."

On finishing studying: "I would like to be a counsellor to the authority for it to work better. I would like to create a culture that keeps water as the main source of life in Mexico, giving it the importance it deserves (schools, institutions and farms). My main goal is to help Mexico right now."

Armando about the teaching style at IHE Delft: ‘"It is fast. It is independent, you have to study a lot and come to the class with specific questions. It is really good. The classes are very interesting, each class is very different from the last one. The professors are super experts on their field, they keep you on the edge of your chair."

On how he experienced his first week: "The institute helped me to make an easy transition, it is the first time for me in The Netherlands and Europe. Different culture, climate, people, language, new friends etc. My dream comes true, I have lunch with people from so many different countries."

My first impression of Delft: "It is like a fairy story, it is very beautiful. The wind is very strong, I miss the sun. People are very nice, they are helpful."            

What I would like to say to people who are thinking of studying at IHE Delft: "Go for it, don’t doubt. It is the best experience you can have in the field of water. You will not only learn from a hydrological point of view. You will learn geography and history, and from all your classmates. This different way of thinking which will enrich you as a human being."


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