Bakari Hassan Mwanyiro

This programme will increase my knowledge and skills in order to help solve the problem of inaccessibile safe water supply.

Sub-Saharan Africa
United Republic of Tanzania Sub-Saharan Africa

What made you decide to study this particular programme?
I am working in the water sector for the local government of my country, so studying this programme will help to increase my skills and knowledge to be able to solve the problem of accessibility to safe water supply by most of the people in my country. It is estimated that about 53% of the population living in rural areas have access to safe water supply while in urban areas it is about 73% of the population. The government of the United Republic of Tanzania had initiated Water Sector Development Programme (WSDP) in 2007 in order to increase the number of people with access to safe water supply in urban and rural areas. As a water supply engineer with high skills and knowledge, I will be able to participate fully in the WSDP implementation in my country.

Can you say something about studying in Delft/the Netherlands?
Studying in Delft/ the Netherlands is good, because it gave me the opportunity to meet different people from different countries and share experiences with them socially and culturally. Also I experienced that the Dutch people are very kind to international students who come to study here in Delft. This makes you feel like you are in your home country.

What kind of professional background do you need to succeed in this programme?
In order to succeed in the MSc in WSE specialization programme, you should have a Civil or Environmental Engineering degree at undergraduate level with mainly water related subjects.

Why should new students/water professional choose this programme?
The issue of supplying safe water is still a problem in most of the developing countries. So the new students/water professionals who opt this programme can contribute to solving this problem of supplying water in their countries.

Do you have any advice for new students?
I encourage them to search for opportunities to come and study here at IHE Delft in order to become real water experts in the future. 

What are you going to do once back home?
I am going to use the acquired skills and knowledge from IHE Delft for the benefit of my country in solving water supply problems by engaging in different water supply projects under my current employer. 

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