Issues and Challenges of Implementation

The Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Conference

South Asia
Bangabandhu International Conference Center

The international, high-level Bangladesh Delta Plan 2100 Conference; ‘Issues and Challenges of Implementation’ will take place in May 2022. Chris Zevenbergen, Professor of Flood Resilience of Urban Systems at IHE Delft, is organizing a breakout session on Urban Hotspots.

Urban areas have been defined in BDP2100 as one of the six Hotspot Areas. Many urban areas in Bangladesh suffer from dysfunctional drainage, sanitation and solid waste collection system and are at risk of running out of potable water in the next decade. These four systems (drainage, solid waste, sewerage and drinking water) are closely interlinked and their design and management (maintenance) require an integrative approach and engagement of the communities and businesses, including capacity and willingness to pay, who rely on these public services to make them sustainable.

In Bangladesh the uptake of investments in sustainable urban infrastructure is generally slow - there are long lead times - and as a result the delivery of infrastructure services does not keep pace with demands and needs. BDP2100 aims to address these challenges and to enhance the integrated and sustainable use of urban land and water resources, to improve urban utility services including water supply, sanitation, waste management, and to conserve and preserve urban wetlands and ecosystems and promote their wise-use.

Urban Hotspot breakout session

Session objective: conclude on concrete next steps for the pilot Urban Demonstrators in two pourashavas. Participants should agree upon:

  • the scope, process, and delivery (financing) of the design and engineering of the two pilots
  • governance of the pilot (process of building local capacities (learning by doing approach), engagement local level (community engagement)) in design process
  • identify roadmap to financing upscaling (innovative financing instruments)

Session chair: Honorable Minister Islam, Ministry of Local Government, Rural Development and Co-operatives in Bangladesh. The Minister will report the outcomes to the Prime Minister and Cabinet the next day at the plenary session of the conference

Moderator: Chris Zevenbergen, IHE Delft

Date: 26 May 2022

Time:  13:45 – 15:15 hrs

Format: Fishbowl-roundtable

1st round (30 min):  Need for Urban Demonstrators

2nd round (30 min): Defining interventions and enabling conditions for upscaling

3rd round (20 min): Next steps towards implementation 1st pilots


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