Berend Lolkema

Laboratory Research Analyst
Lab Technician Faecal Sludge


Berend Lolkema is working as a research analyst at IHE Delft laboratory. His work involves guidance and support of participants with their MSc research. He received his bachelors degree from the “HLO INHOLLAND” in Alkmaar.

After his bachelor he worked with Renolit in Enkhuizen as an allround analyst. After 8 months he changed jobs to a job at Avantium at the pharmaceutical department. Where he first worked in the laboratory and later on worked as a service engineer. As a service engineer he worked with the Crystal16 and the Crystalline, which are used as crystallization equipment.

After 2.5 years Berend decided to do volunteerwork in Kenya for “stichting FreeKenia”. He worked on a project with Moringa Oleifera. The project was focussing on the producting and processing of Moringa Oleifera leaves. After 1.5 year Berend decided to go back to the Netherlands and started his job at IHE Delft.


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