Bert Coerver

Lecturer Water Accounting


Bert joined IHE Delft in january 2016 as part of the Water Accounting and Water Productivity team. There he is mainly involved with Water Accounting Plus (WA+) studies in Asia as part of an ADB funded project. Before his work at IHE Delft he was based in Hanoi, Vietnam, working on research projects for the TU Delft on the Red River basin. Besides his work on WA+, Bert is working on a PhD thesis on the topic of atmospheric moisture recycling, i.e. tracing water trough the atmosphere between evaporation and precipitation.


Coerver, H. M., Rutten, M. M., and van de Giesen, N. C.: Deduction of reservoir operating rules for application in global hydrological models, Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 22, 831-851,, 2018.


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