Bertha Vallejo Carlos

Senior Researcher


Dr. Bertha Vallejo joined the Knowledge and Innovation Studies (KIS) Chair Group at the Hydroinformatics and Socio-Technical Innovation Department on January 2022. She has an MSc in Political Economy from Tsukuba University, Japan, and holds a Ph.D. in Economics and Policy Studies of Technical Change (2010) from UNU-MERIT (NL). She is an associate researcher at UNU-MERIT in Maastricht (the Netherlands) and a research associate at the DST/NRF/Newton Fund Trilateral Research Chair in Transformative Innovation, the 4th Industrial Revolution and Sustainable Development at the University of Johannesburg (South Africa). She also collaborates with INGENIO (CSIC-UPV) in Valencia (Spain).

Dr. Vallejo worked at Tilburg University (the Netherlands), where she was involved as a researcher and coordinator in multiple capacity development projects, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, through which she gained experience and an understanding from a closer perspective of the ups and downs of knowledge transfer between North and South. In addition, she has contributed to and participated in innovation research initiatives with UNCTAD and UNIDO.

Research Summary

Dr. Vallejo is an innovation, science, and technology policy analyst with vast experience in innovation studies and a solid understanding of technology, knowledge, and innovation's crucial role in the transformative paths followed by local economies in the Global South. 

She has research experience in innovation dynamics, social innovation, and stakeholder engagement, as well as a strong record of attracting funding and leading international cooperation projects, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, where she has acted as both coordinator and researcher.  She has developed a broad set of skills in project design, management, implementation, reporting, and project acquisition through these projects.


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

  • Carrillo, J., Vallejo, B. and Gomis, R. (2022).  COVID-19 and industrial resilience in the Global South. The case study of the auto parts sector in Mexico. International Journal of Automotive Technology and Management, 2(1), 82-105, DOI:
  • van Reisen, M., Stokmans, M., Vallejo, B., Nakazibwe, P., and Baluka, Z.M. (2022). The Effect of Trauma Counseling Support and Social Protection on Enhancing Social Economic Resilience in Vulnerable Communities: A Natural Experiment in Northern Uganda. The European Journal of Development Research. DOI:
  • Wehn, U., Vallejo, B., Seijger, C., Tlhagale, M., Amorsi, N., Sossou, S., Genthe, B., Kileshye-Onema, J.M.  (2021) Strengthening the knowledge base to face the impacts of climate change on water resources in Africa: a social innovation perspective, Environmental Science & Policy, 116, 292-300. DOI: [Open access]
  • Vallejo, B., Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, B., Ozor, N., and Bolo, M. (2019) Open innovation and Innovation Intermediaries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Sustainability, 11(2), 392. DOI: [Open access].
  • Gehl Sampath, P., and Vallejo, B. (2018). Trade, global value, and upgrading: What, when, and how? European Journal of Development Research, 30(3), 481-504. DOI: [Open access].
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  • Vallejo, B. and Wehn, U. (2016) Capacity development evaluation. The challenge of the results agenda and measuring return on investment in the Global South. World Development, 79, 1–13. DOI: [Open access]

Book Chapters

  • Vallejo, B., Ozor, N., Bolo, M., and Oyeyinka, B. (2021). An analysis of experiences with PPPs in Africa. In Hanlin, R, Tigabu, A.D., Sheikheldin, G. (eds.). Building Science Systems in Africa. Conceptual Foundations and Empirical Considerations. Dar es Salam: Mkuki Na Nyota and Nairobi: ACTS Press. ISBN: 978-9987-084-890.
  • van Reisen, M., Stokmans, M., Nakazibwe, P., Malole, Z., and Vallejo, B. (2019). Is trauma counseling the missing link? [chapter 16]. Enhancing socio-economic resilience among post-war IDPs in Northern Uganda. van Reisen, Mawere, M., Stokmans, M., and Gebre-Egziabher, K.A. (eds.) Roaming Africa: migration, resilience, and social protection. Bamenda, Cameroon: Langaa Research & Publishing Common Initiative Group. Oxford: African Books Collective. ISBN-13: 978-9956-551-01-9.
  • Vallejo, B. (2017). Trayectorias tecnologicas existentes y emergentes hacia 2020. Una panoramica a la industria automotriz global. In Martinez Martinez, A. and Carrillo Viveros, J. (Eds.), Innovacion, redes de colaboracion y sostenibilidad: Experiencias regionals y tendencias internacionales de la industria automotriz. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico ENES Leon UNAM-Colson-CIAD-AM editores. ISBN: 978-607-437-381-3 (AM editores)/ ISBN: 978-607-02-8554-7 (UNAM) / 978-607-8480-30-2 (Colson)


Other information

Dr. Vallejo is experienced in student supervision across multiple levels and cultural backgrounds. While at Tilburg University (2005–2019), she supervised master's students and co-supervised Ph.D. candidates. She has also co-supervised Ph.D. candidates from universities in Africa and Latin America. Moreover, she has worked as a project manager, coordinator, and principal researcher for diverse capacity development projects with several international organizations.


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