Blanca Pérez Lapeña PhD

Project Assistant


Blanca Perez Lapena is a researcher and consultant in the areas of GIS and spatial data analysis, with particular focus on environmental and water management applications. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Technical Engineering in Surveying at EPSEB (Barcelona, Spain), obtained her MSc in GeoInformatics at ITC (Enschede, The Netherlands) and her PhD in Water Management at the University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands). During 2011-2015 she was post-doctoral researcher in the project “Climate Change, Hydrology, and Landscapes of America's Heartland” at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (USA). During the period 2015-2017 she was part of a team of specialists to provide technical assistance to the Mozambican National Directorate for Water Resource Management. Also, during that time she was associated with local engineering firm Salomon Lda and was involved in projects on optimization of hydro-meteorological monitoring networks, dike management, and potential for groundwater exploitations in the Zambezi basin. After her return to the Netherlands in December 2017 she volunteered as a GIS expert for 510 Global, an initiative of The Netherlands Red Cross.

In September 2018 she joined the Environmental Engineering and Water Technology Department at IHE Delft as Project Management Assistant in the RECONECT project.


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