Branislav Petrusevski

Associate Professor of Water Supply Engineering


Branislav Petrusevski (PhD at IHE / University of Technology, Delft, M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering at IHE-Delft, BSc in Civil Engineering) is Associate Professor in Water Supply Technology and mentor of the international Water Supply course.

He has 18 years advisory, engineering and research experience in drinking and industrial water supply and industrial wastewater treatment in the Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Cyprus, Peru.

He specializes in conventional drinking water treatment techniques and removal of algae and particles from impounded surface waters.

Prior joining IHE Delft Institute for Water Education Mr. Petrusevski was employed as a senior water treatment consultant and project manager for Stork Engineers & Contractors, Dutch engineering company, and Energoproject the largest consulting and engineering company in former Yugoslavia.


Petrusevski B (2013) Adsorptive removal of iron from groundwater: An attractive approach for small water supply systems. IWA conference of the specialized group on small water supply and sanitation systems, 27-31 October, Harbin, China

Petrusevski B (2013) Adsorptive removal of arsenic and chromium from groundwater with IOCS - by-product of iron removal. IWA metal conference, 6-9 November, Shanghai, China

Petrusevski B, Tasic M, van Ommen C, Slokar YM, van Paassen J (2013) Application of IHE-ADART for highly arsenic contaminated groundwater case study in Backi Vinogradi (Subotica). International conference Current Issues in Water Supply and Sewerage, 6-10 November, Vodice, Croatia.


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